#queen russo.
yes, another anon, here to tell you, you're beautiful and worth it. i am kinda a selena anon but a alex russo anon, but who honestly cares what anon i am, i am here for you. only you. ♥
oh yeah, call me queen russo!

Reblog this if you would be absolutely devastated if one of your followers killed themselves.  

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im a gemini 

anon world needs a change 


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this is so perfect….. MY SHIPPER HEART!!!!! 

Demi is trying to get his hand they are perf.

Happy Birthday Spongebob 


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so since their is a queen russo, i’ll be princess russo.. 


I’m not Tumblr famous. 

  • Getting asks isn’t a regular thing, I still smile when I see Messages (1).
  • People don’t reblog me ASAP. Sure, I get reblogged 20 or 30 notes, if I’m lucky.
  • I don’t get asked for pictures of me.
  • People don’t ask me for requests.
  • I don’t have a lot to offer.
  • most of my blog is 99.9% reblogs
  • i LOVE every little follower of mine 

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direct tv is being an ass to me and it’s raining.